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spent - davy rockett
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old timey - davy rockett
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love & lonely - davy rockett
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miranda - davy rockett
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Emerging quietly yet powerfully from behind the soundboard comes davyrockett. A renowned artist representing “…a new breed of one-man-band; one that prefers the studio to street corners…taking almost sole responsibility for the music he makes, writing and arranging everything, and playing an array of instruments.” 
–Phil S., Leicester Bangs UK

rockett is a frequent face among theatre and orchestra groups throughout the west coast, and counts many of the leading songwriters in the thriving southern California music scene as his friends and fans.

Growing up in a town just outside of Denver, Colorado, davyrockett took to music at a young age. He grew an interest to most every instrument available to him. His drive and ambition led him to California where he explored voice and composition at the university level, ultimately providing him with a BM in music and exposing his talents to a welcoming community. With college behind him, DRN’s talents and grand attention to sound intricacy did not go unnoticed. He began work in the recording studio of major music publishing company where he became acquainted with the industry’s top players and engineers. While nurturing the new found career, davyrockett also slowly put together a studio of his own wherein he recorded his first two full length albums, Untandem… and Love & Lonely. Both received notice from critics and music lovers throughout the nation.

davy’s music and performances “…intrigue and inspire his listeners. He’s Jason Mraz meets Ben Folds meets Shara Worden, but so much more… choosing instrumentation not only for the sounds made, but for the landscape and emotion they adorn.” 
–Andrew Thams, The Troubadour US

His newest music draws inspiration from love, love lost, hardship, and sometimes triumph. He's constantly exploiting the extent of his musical knowledge and potential for sound on all avenues.

davyrockett reel 082019
Zoot Suit Riot at Whiskey Girl
Folsom Prison Blues at Whiskey Girl
Guitar Medley at Brew Bar
Uptown Funk at Brew Bar
Dancin In The Dark at Koi Zen 011819
Rockett Reel 091918
Walking in Memphis SD
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